Cutting the Cost of Living

Cutting the Cost of Living – Blog Post #3

Published on Tuesday 09th January 2024 by Charity Green

Winter can be an expensive time of year for many households and money worries cause anxiety and stress. Find out about local support that helps to stretch your budget further or ensures you are getting everything you are entitled to in your area here.

Many districts in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough have foodbanks and food projects. To get a food parcel from a foodbank, you usually need a referral from a health or social care professional – this might be your GP, social worker or even your vicar. Food projects don’t need a referral, they are for anyone who wants low/no cost food. A lot of the food distributed by food projects would be thrown away anyway, so you’re also helping the environment whilst making your money stretch further.

Or if you are interested in cutting costs, then local councils and other agencies can help you manage your bills or keep them more affordable with grants or advice about the best deals for your circumstances.

If you are in debt and worried about what to do next, an appointment with Citizens Advice will help you plan your next steps and find a way forward that feels manageable. To find a branch near to you, visit your local district’s Housing & Cost of Living webpages.

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