Cafés, Cuppas and Connection

Cafés, Cuppas and Connection – Blog Post #10

Published on 24 January 2024 by Charity Green

It’s a cultural stereotype because it’s true. In the UK, in times of trouble, our first response is to put the kettle on. Sharing a cup of tea or coffee and talking things over can make the world of difference…there really is nothing a brew can’t do. But what if you don’t have a person to put the kettle on for? Or if you’d like some company with your cuppa? Or if you aren’t having a good day and want to be somewhere safe where no-one will mind if you cry or don’t want to chat?

Video: Meet Marion who runs the Community Café at Manor Farm Community Centre in Eye, Peterborough

Community Cafés

All across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough are community cafés – volunteer-run spaces where you’ll get a low/no cost drink and a warm welcome. Even if you go alone, you’ll be in company, sharing a brew…and sometimes that’s all it takes to make a day feel brighter.

As volunteer-run spaces, the people who work in community cafés aren’t in such a rush and are often happy to stop for a chat, if that’s what you need. Or you might prefer to be ‘alone in company’ – enjoying the benefits of getting out of the house and being around other people, but without the pressure to chat or be sociable.

Marion makes all the cakes and savoury items at the Community Café at Manor Farm Community Centre in Eye, Peterborough (nothing costs more than £1) but if you just want to have a chat and a hot drink, that’s free.

Video: A Good Mood Café
Video: Warm Hubs in Cambridgeshire

Wellbeing Cafés

Often run by churches or charities, Wellbeing Cafés are aimed at people who may be struggling with their mental health, feeling socially isolated, anxious or experiencing low mood. Whether you need to talk, cry or be quiet, no one will bat an eye. Trained volunteers or professionals are on hand to support you – to facilitate activities or conversation, to listen or signpost to other sources of support. They are safe, supportive and inclusive places on good days and bad. CPSL Mind host Good Mood cafes in a number of locations across Cambridge (find them here), East Cambs (find them here), Fenland (find them here), Hunts (find them here) and Peterborough (find them here).

Community Hubs, Warm Hubs & Community Spaces

Run within existing community spaces all year round, Community Hubs, Warm Hubs & Community Spaces (all called different things in different districts!) provide a free, safe and friendly environment in which to connect with others. With refreshments, activities, information and advice, these spaces are for everyone, regardless of age or circumstances. Parents with babies and small children, older people, people who work from home (there’s often free wifi), groups of people who enjoy doing arts and crafts together – everyone is welcome.

You can find your local Community Hub, Warm Hub or Community Space in this category of the How Are You websites:

This is just a tiny sip of what is available if you would like a cuppa and some company – to find similar places and spaces on your doorstep, have a browse through your local How Are You website via this link How Are You Cambridgeshire and Peterborough | Cafes & Shops (

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